Find The Right SEO Firm In Tulsa

What Makes SEO Companies Successful?

If you are a business based in Tulsa Oklahoma, then working with an SEO company can benefit your business greatly. SEO companies do a number of things that help them to excel in their jobs. Read on to learn why quality SEO is worth paying for.


SEO companies are able to excel because they apply relevant experience to every job that they take on. Search engine optimization can be complex, and the best strategies for getting your website to the top of the rankings can vary based on the type of client that a company is working with. The best companies are able to adapt to the needs of their clients and put their expertise to good use.

A Tulsa SEO firm that has worked with a range of clients in the Tulsa area, will have had the chance to learn about many aspects of both ranking websites, and the local geographical area. They can draw from their past knowledge whenever they assist a client. With every new job a company takes on, they will be able to learn more.

Utilizing Current Techniques

Search engines regularly change their algorithms. Many SEO strategies that were once popular are now out of date. However, professionals spend a great deal of time researching the best SEO strategies. Because of this, they are able to use the latest techniques and deliver better results overall.

While it’s possible to handle your own SEO, you may find that you’re following dated advice. Instead of turning to blogs to develop your Tulsa SEO strategy, you’ll want to work with companies that can utilize techniques that will really help you.

They Use Ethical Strategiesseo strategies

Many black hat SEO techniques can be effective in the short term. However, in the long run, using these kinds of techniques can be highly damaging. Google penalizes sites that use black hat techniques. In some cases, a site could even be deindexed from major search engines.

Thankfully, good quality SEO companies exclusively use white hat techniques. They take care to protect their clients and to ensure the best possible results. It can be tempting to use black hat techniques to increase your search engine traffic, but it isn’t worth the risk. It’s far better to work with professionals.

Realistic Goals

When you meet with Search Engine Marketing professionals and talk to them about your site, you can share your goals with them. The company will be able to present you with more realistic goals and a plan of action that will help you to reach all of those goals.

It’s important that the goals you set for your site or company are attainable. If you set goals that you’re not able to reach, you may wind up feeling discouraged. When you work with professionals, you’ll be able to set smart goals and work to reach those goals as quickly as possible.

Customized Options

Successful  companies don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with their clients. Instead, they offer an array of options so that everyone that works with them can get what they need. Having plenty of different options can make it easier to find a solution that works well for you.

These customized options also apply to the billing process. You’ll be able to work with SEO professionals to find a billing solution that works for your business. You’ll be able to cover the costs of SEO with minimal issues. Remember, SEO typically pays for itself. Having customized billing options can make it even more affordable.


It can be difficult to see the progress that your site is making. That’s why you’ll want to work with companies that will remain in contact with you. A good company will regularly update you on the status of your site, and they may even be able to present you with data that shows how your site is doing.

Having access to this kind of information can make it easier for you to make decisions about how you want to proceed in the future. For example, if you can see that your business is getting a lot of search engine traffic on its front page, you may want to run a promotion on your front page.


Your business isn’t going to remain static. When you receive more traffic from search engines, your business is going to be able to expand and grow at a much faster rate. When you work with SEO professionals, you can expect them to adapt their strategies to meet your ever-changing needs.

SEO companies know that the needs of a small business are very different from a larger business with a sizable base of customers. Because of this, these companies offer the right strategies for the client they’re working with. They adapt to situations and provide clients with the type of support that they need.

What makes SEO companies successful? There are many reasons that certain companies thrive. It can be incredibly beneficial to work with SEO professionals. With strong SEO, your business will have the tools that it needs to succeed.

Why Using An SEO Agency Can Be Dangerous

Be Careful When Hiring An SEO Agency

According to an article written in one of the leading SEO information websites, Search Engine Land, they claimed that the SEO industry was worth $65 billion in 2016, and growing to an estimated $79 billion by 2020. This is excellent news for any agency that is providing their various SEO services, but it may not be good news for you, the end user. With the growth of any industry, be it in this case, search engine optimisation, there will always come with it, those individuals and companies who are only in it to make a fast buck and have no interest in being ethical in any way. We have all heard of the scam artists in the finance industry, with mortgages and investments. We all know the health niche is awash with dodgy pills and systems that will enable you to lose 100lbs in 2 weeks (slight exaggeration), and so the digital marketing niche, and in particular, search engine optimisation, is no different.

Now it is important to state that I am not for one minute castigating the SEO niche. I feel that optimising your website to rank high in the search results is very important. But what I am saying and the point I am making is that, if you feel your website needs to be optimised, you need to be very careful who you hire to do the work because there are a lot of charlatans out there, who won’t think twice in ripping you off.

Because many people, and in particular, business owners, don’t know a lot, if anything, about how website optimisation works etc., a lot of so-called SEO companies feel they can pull the wool over your eyes, by talking in cryptic nerdy dialogue, make promises backed with fake data, and you will buy it. And although we will all say that this would never happen to us, I have been in the industry long enough to know that many businesses are getting burnt by these companies who can’t deliver on their promises and take the money and run.

So if SEO is an essential factor to marketing online, what can be done to ensure you don’t fall victim to these companies who have not got a clue what they are doing and see you as potential rich pickings?
The answer is simple; you need to know some necessary information that enables you to ask any company you are going to have carried out work on your website, to ensure they are of the highest quality.Illustration depicting computer screen shot of an internet browser with an internet scam concept.

First step. Ask the company that approached you not just for case studies, but for the contact details of the companies they claim to have helped massively in the rankings. I came across a company called NTA Digital and SEO Services, and on their website, they have many impressive case studies. I contacted them and asked if they would be prepared to let me have the contact details of said companies, so I could clarify these case studies were valid. Well, the response I got was not what I was expecting. I had previously received hesitation or resistance from other companies I had asked this same question too, but on this occasion, not only did I not receive any opposition, but they gave me all the contact details of their top clients there and then, over the phone!
Any quality SEO company, will not feel the need to hide any information from you. They will happily answer your questions and in particular, tell you who their clients are, and who you can speak to.

Second Point. Never work with a company that claims or promises you the highly valuable number one spot in the Google ranking results. Not only does Google often update and change their ranking algorithm, but regular testing carried out by myself, and others, has proven, that not all SEO is equal. What do I mean by that? Well to rank a local plumber in a small town does not need the level of work that a multinational organisation is wanting to ranking in various countries, will need. Not only that, but each industry is different too. Because there are specific niches where scam artists operate, particularly in the health wealth and general well being niches, Google has made it harder for a site to rank well within these niches. The reason being, scam artists, will give up after a few months because it is too hard to rank. Whereas if they are legit, they will not only stick at working on your site, they will know from experience that specific niches take a lot of effort and time to rank.

Third and Final Point. A good quality company will only operate to industry best practices. This means they will follow the latest guidelines set out by Google, Bing and Yahoo. A simple search on your part will tell you what these are, and so you can check that the company who you are speaking to and looking to use as your SEO company, are doing this right and proper in every way.

Heed these simple points, and you will undoubtedly go a long way to protecting your business from the scam artists who more than likely hound your email inbox regularly, promising you the earth, but only delivering you crap.